What are the advantages of getting a loan for your car with us?

When we are in an economic slump, often the pressure makes us act almost spontaneously and we get loans that often solve our problem immediately, but eventually end up being a much heavier burden. High interests, hidden clauses, infinite deadlines, are some of the most common problems when acquiring a monetary credit. The process for a bank to make a capital loan is slow and very cumbersome if you are not a customer of it. Many times we do not have the time, nor do we comply with the demanding list of requirements, so buying it is simply impossible.

The department stores usually offer cards to their customers, with these cards you can buy many products within their branches and also have some benefits. Among these benefits, there is the possibility of acquiring money that is deferred in installments to the account they have. However, in most of these stores, interest rates are higher than 100% of CAT. CAT is called the total annual cost of product, this means that if we acquire a debt of $ 1,000 to be paid in the span of one year with a CAT of 60%, we would end up paying $ 1,600 without considering the expenses that can be generated by surcharges or account management.

Pledge loans are a very smart option if we are sure we can settle the debt within the established time frame

Pledge loans are a very smart option if we are sure we can settle the debt within the established time frame

The advantage of this type of loans is that they are obtained quickly and if they are adequately covered we can recover our pledge for a small additional cost to the amount of money we receive. We can get Loans on cars , for our house, electronic devices or for our jewelry and antiques. This type of stores usually keep the garment or object, as a guarantee that they will receive payments for the money they lent us. If the term we requested has ended, we have not been able to cover our debt, there is the option of an endorsement or an extension of time that will allow us to settle our debt and recover our possessions in exchange for a small fee. If our debt is not covered within the established deadlines, our belongings are offered for sale or auction to the general public to recover the loan investment and account management. That is why these establishments provide only a small percentage of the real value of our garment.

There is always the option to get money with a lender to interest, but it is not usually the best idea, their interests are usually very high and the payment is set in very forced periods, in addition the breach in their guidelines can even lead to personal problems and legal

If you have thought or an unforeseen event that forces us to obtain a sum of important money, the loans on cars , are the best option, because if we acquire a loan on our house and for some inconvenience we can not fulfill the corresponding payments, we can lose our heritage. On the other hand, having enough jewelry to obtain a considerable sum of money is not easy, gold is an investment that increases in value year after year and in the long run our loss will be greater, in a few words: it is not profitable. Most of the security companies, when leaving our car as a guarantee of their money, usually keep them and we can not know what they are exposed to; we also run the risk that by remaining unused for a long time, suffer damage or changes in its operation; without mentioning that we are losing the advantages of owning a car; or worse, if our car is our source of income it will be impossible for us to even have this option.

If you had an unexpected or need money to start a business, trip or project, do not forget to go to trusted companies and read carefully each of the clauses that are offered, but if you need a loan, you want a company that offer you confidence, experience and professionalism, go with the Auto Loans specialists.

In Auto Loans you can get a loan in 24 hours, we also offer you up to 60% of the commercial value of your vehicle. You do not need an endorsement to acquire our services, nor an excellent credit history, since it is possible to obtain a loan with us even though you are in Buró de Crédito. We offer you amounts of up to $ 250,000, which you can cover in plans that we draw specially to your payment possibilities and with an extension of up to two years. We know how heavy it can be to be subject to long terms, even when we already have enough money in our hands to cover or reduce our debt; that’s why we do not handle penalty fees for those who decide to make a prepayment of any amount.

The requirements to process a loan with us are very simple

The requirements to process a loan with us are very simple

You only have to have a car with no more than 10 years old, it must be in your name, and with all the papers in order. Call us by phone or fill out the loan application found on the contact tab on this page, and request an appointment at our offices or at your address. Remember that with us, in addition to obtaining a deadline that suits your needs and ability to pay, you will be able to continue driving your car regularly and also receive the benefits of a geolocation totally free. If you have any questions, call us and we will gladly advise you. At Auto Loans, we specialize in car loans .

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