Nowadays, getting a loan of money, whatever the amount, is a bit complicated and time consuming. Hundreds of companies offer this service, but not many of them are reliable, so you should be careful if your intention is to request one of these quick loans, because if you do not do it with conscience you risk falling into fraud or endless debts and impossible to pay.

You have to read very well the small print of the contracts that we signed at the time of requesting a loan or a financial credit. Likewise, a series of steps are essential, which we must follow when requesting one of these monetary services. Being cautious is key and investigating the requirements is the first steps to achieve this goal.

Some contracts are often unclear, so you have to give us enough time to see what all our options are. In Enmerkar, we are a leading company in Monterrey, which cares about the satisfaction of its clientele, that’s why we offer loans with flexible payment models to meet any need and possibility, we are different from any banking institution or pawnshop .

We have great benefits for our clients, surpassing the options of the competition, since our model proposes a whole series of improvements to the traditional forms of loans. We also have a fresh and new vision regarding the type of loan or credit you are looking for.

In our company, we will not ask for a guarantee to facilitate one of our quick loans

In our company, we will not ask for a guarantee to facilitate one of our quick loans

It is not necessary for another person to back you as your guarantor, we know that this requirement becomes complicated for many people, since getting someone else to stand up for us and at the same time comply with the requirements of economic solvency, is a so difficult

At Enmerkar, we believe that requesting an endorsement only hinders this process, so we also have the option of receiving the documents of your car as collateral and lending up to 250 thousand pesos, depending on the value of said vehicle, without this meaning retaining it with us in what you settle your debt, you can continue using it without problems, we will only place a GPS and we will ask you for a copy of your keys.

Among the requirements to obtain a loan for your vehicle with our company, we will only request that such unit is not greater than 10 years, that it is a national car, unfortunately we do not accept regularized foreign cars. Another requirement is to present 5 receipts to check the tenancy and a duplicate of the keys. This car must be in the name of the person requesting the loan and have an insurance policy that covers the period of the commitment.

If what stops you to apply for one of our quick loans, is the fact that you are on the negative list of the so-called credit bureau for not paying some of your debts in commercial stores, banking institutions or financial loans, in Enmerkar we know that Many times this measure is exaggerated, so we do not take it into account to provide a loan.

As far as our quick loans are concerned

quick loans

We have many payment schemes among which you can choose the one that best suits your possibilities and needs. We have many options among which you will find the one that best suits what you want, since you can select between our fixed monthly payments, during the period that always suits the applicant.

Depending on the amount you borrow and your ability to pay, it will be the payments you will be making with us. Our intention is to facilitate this process, that’s why we have so many payment options, the terms we give you go from one day to six months and in case you need more time, we can extend the contract and renew the settlement date.

Something you should know about our service is that the minimum amount we pay in Enmerkar is 20 thousand pesos, but we do not charge you any commission for opening a loan, in the same way, you are not charged a penalty to cover before your term your debt with us, since from two months of the loan made, you can settle your debt.

With Enmerkar you can get quick loans in less than 24 hours and in the comfort of your home because if you do not want to carry out this procedure in our offices, our representatives go to your house from the first appointment, so you do not bother to move . We are a company that puts the comfort of its customers first and maintains maximum discretion and confidentiality. Rest assured that you will not be wrong to trust us. Do not doubt it, we are the best in the market.

We have two options regarding the delivery of the loan money, since this can be done through a bank transfer or through a check, according to the requestor. Do you really need more benefits than the above mentioned? Do not think it over and come with us, our advisors will be happy to assist you. 

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